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Update - July 2016
July 19, 2016

The President's Perspective

Greetings from South Florida,

Our Annual Meeting and Conference, the capstone of our organization, kicks off on 22 July at The Union League Club in New York. We are excited to have the highest registration in six years!

As is customary, I will hand the SER gavel to President-elect Jeffery Schaff that Friday afternoon. He and Controller Patti Koetting have fashioned an exciting and instructive program, with extra-curricular activities arranged by Debby Krasner and Eunice Salton and a closing dinner on Saturday.

This past year as your president has passed by all too quickly. To have 80-some members entrust me with leadership of our organization is humbling to say the least. The accomplishments we have achieved are many, but they would not have occurred without the commitment, hard work and unconditional support I received from so many people and constituencies, including:

  • Jack Herrmann’s and Rick Ryder’s steady streams of innovative ideas;
  • Controller Patti Koetting’s exemplary professionalism, work ethic and dedication;
  • Richie Leisner’s (and his assistant Francis Scott’s) administrative and moral support;
  • Jeffery Schaff’s energy, enthusiasm and resourcefulness;
  • The board of directors (members of which serve without pay or reimbursement of their not inconsiderable out-of-pocket expenses) for advice and consent; and
  • Original incorporators Howard Berg, Mary Calhoun, Ed Horowitz, Sid Krasner, Rick Ryder, Richard Sandow and Ross Tulman, who inspired me to serve. They are the soul of SER.

Please remember that new members are the plasma that re-invigorates SER’s lifeblood. The approval process is thorough but easy to complete, so be on the lookout for qualified candidates. Set a goal for yourself → propose one new candidate each year.

In addition, I urge each of you to think about ways to make SER even more effective, such as:

  • Attend each year’s Annual Conference;
  • Contribute authored articles and/or Op-eds to our growing website library;
  • Make suggestions for improving SER’s governance and its “deliverables”;
  • Serve as a director; and
  • Wear your SER lapel pin when you testify.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the premier expert witness organization in the world.  Here’s hoping I see you in New York City this week.

Respectfully, Bruce Foerster

Conference Last Minute Updates

  • Check-in and buffet lunch begin at 11:30 on the 2nd Floor of the Union League Club. Annual Meeting begins promptly at 12:45pm. See the full agenda on the Upcoming Conference page.
  • Please review the dress code at ULC. Business casual is acceptable in our meetings rooms, but other areas of the club might require jackets, etc. Jackets and ties/dresses or pantsuits for Friday night dinner.
  • Conference materials will be uploaded to the "Library/Past Conferences" section of our website for download on Thursday. (Log in and use the Member Tools in the upper right hand corner.) We will also have materials available on thumb drives and you will be able to access online at the meeting. 
  • Reminder to dress for your complimentary headshot on Friday afternoon.
  • LaGuardia Airport is under major construction. You might need additional time on your return trip.

Website Statistics

June: Unique Visitors - 919; Number of Visits - 1,974


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