John T. Foster   

President / CEO, Bedford and Main Financial Consulting, Inc.

Work: 609-707-1071
Cell: 609-707-8111

Mr. Foster’s general expertise, written opinions and testimonies encompass the following topics:
• FINRA Compliance and Regulations
• AML - Anti-Money Laundering (FINRA 3310)
• Clearing Firms
• Supervision
• Suitability
• Churning
• Senior Issues
• Financial Advisor Heightened Supervision
• Outside Business Activities/ Private Security
Transactions (RIA Related)
• Written Supervisory Procedures (WSPs)
• Discount web broker-dealers
• Independent broker-dealers
• SEC Direct Market Access (15c3-5)
• US domestic broker-dealer
• International trading, settlement and custody
• Non-US foreign accounts
• Master Accounts and Sub-accounts (FINRA 10-18)
• Books and Records (SEC 17-a-3)

Bedford and Main President and CEO, John Foster, calls upon his unique background in broker-dealer management to offer subject matter advice and testimony as a securities expert witness. He is proud to represent either side of the legal table in assisting to support an ethical and honest industry with the highest standards of fairness for broker-dealers and clients alike.

Mr. Foster most recently served as the President and CEO of an independent broker-dealer where he was responsible for ensuring compliance and regulatory requirements were properly implemented to support a retail-based business. The experience provided John with a uniquely relevant understanding of core FINRA compliance issues, such as suitability, supervision, senior issues, churning and written supervisory procedures (WSPs). He is proficient in matters related to client and firm interactions with Financial Advisors, which frequently are the subjects of FINRA arbitrations.

The three distinguishing attributes of Mr. Foster’s securities expert witness and litigation service include:

1. Senior Level Experience - Few securities expert witness CV’s match our decades of high-ranking management experience in the broker-dealer industry.
2. Still Actively Engaged – We conduct our securities expert witness business as a natural extension of our core industry consulting services.
3. Selectivity - It would not be possible to hold to our standards of supporting the industry if we were not selective as to specific issues and our ability to ethically provide an expert opinion.

Mr. Foster’s business model is founded on being the right match to provide a valued service. As such, he is happy to review a claim “on our time and expense” to determine if he has the proper background and agreement to support a case.
Licenses and Certifications:
Passed FINRA Series 3,7,24, 27, 63.
Certified FINRA Dispute Resolution Arbitrator
CAMS Certified AML Specialist (Anti--Money Laundering)

Curriculum Vitae