John J. Duval Jr.

Managing Member, Accelerant LLC
107 East Meadowbrook Lane
Staatsburg, NY 12580

Work: 845 605 1007
Cell: 914 980 6217

Jack has broad and deep expertise in investment suitability, Regulation Best Interest, fiduciary duties, and complex investments and strategies, including: hedge funds, fund-of-funds, liquid alternatives, private equity, venture capital, managed futures, structured products, securitized products, and other private placements, as well as equities, and corporate, government, and municipal bonds.

He also has expertise in insurance and risk management products and strategies, including: exchange-traded and OTC options, collars, pre-paid forwards, insurance-linked securities, and traditional life, health and variable insurance products such as: variable life and variable annuities.

Lastly, he also has expertise in lending and loan related strategies, including: margin, Regulation U loans, and premium financed insurance.

Jack is the managing partner and an expert witness at Accelerant.  He has broad and deep experience in investment products and strategies, Modern Portfolio Theory, damage calculations, supervision and compliance, securities rules and regulations, fiduciary duties, Regulation Best Interest, Registered Investment Advisor practice, and insurance.

Jack is frequently called upon to create damage models, prepare statistical analyses, and to analyze offering documents. He is comfortable analyzing large data sets and uses a variety of statistical and analytic techniques to pull the meaning out of data.

Since 2004, Jack has been retained in over 300 arbitration cases, participated in over 50 mediations, and has testified or been deposed 42 times in state or federal court or arbitrations proceedings.  He has consulted and testified for a number of regulators, including: the FINRA Department of Enforcement, the Kansas State Securities Commission, and the Department of Labor.  He is also an arbitrator for FINRA

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