Greg B Wood

Securities Expert Witness, Securities Litigation Support, LLC
44 Anthem Creek Circle
Henderson, NV 89052

Work: 702 253 9663
Cell: 817 939 4543

Broker-Dealer Issues including: Unauthorized trading, Margin, Suitability (Know Your Customer), Supervision and Branch Management, Compliance, FINRA and SEC Regulations, Online-Internet Trading, Options, Stocks, Bonds, Separate Asset Manger Accounts, Mutual funds, Limited Partnerships, Private Placements, Selling Away, Commodities Futures, Annuities, Mediation, The FINRA Arbitration Process (Discovery, Demonstrative Exhibits and Damages), Compliance and Supervisory Manuals, Due Diligence, Employment Disputes (Promissory Notes and Protocol), Third Party Trading Authority, Forensic Accounting, Out of Pocket and Market Adjusted Damages, Punitive Damages, Power of Attorney, Portfolio Risk Analysis, Investment Strategies, Retirement Accounts, RIA, Registered Investment Advisors, 33 and 34 act, 1940 act.

Greg Wood, an articulate securities expert witness, combines 35 years as a securities industry professional with an expert witness career that began in 2004 to help clients present their case in arbitration or court. Greg has demonstrated a successful record of accomplishment, being retained by over 158 attorneys nationwide in more than 317 matters. Greg Wood has given expert testimony more than 63 times.

During Greg's 35-year securities industry career he:

*** Managed stockbrokers and/or their managers for 17 years

*** Was a retail stock, bond and commodities broker for 13 years

*** Was in training and administrative positions for the remainder

Since 2003, Greg Wood has been a FINRA Arbitrator

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