Gerald A. Guild   

Guild Associates
153 Mitchell Hill Road
Lyme, CT 06371

Work: 908 277-4207
Cell: 908 209-0373

Fixed Income:Corporate Bonds, Convertibles, High Yield or "Junk", Treasurys, STRIPS, Mortgage Backed securities including CMOs, Preferred Stocks, Money Market Instruments. Other areas:Margin, Asset Allocation, Portfolio Strategy. Suitability, Damages, Branch Management and Supervision,Product Management, Trading including Execution, Mark-ups and Mark-downs,Securities Clearance,Equity and Fixed Income Research, Product Management, New Product Development, and Derivatives.

Guild Associates provides consulting services to individuals and institutions in regard to financial services. With a cadre of associates we are able to assist in a broad category of specific requests.With two locations, NY and CT, we are able to easily cover all of New England and have represented parties, claimants and respondents, throughout the continental United States.  Email:

My individual expertise includes both equity and fixed income from sales, analyst, and trading points of view. I have been blessed to have covered the entire spectrum of accounts from the smallest individual investors to the largest institutions in the US from all three of these disciplines.

As both a branch manager and product manager I have extensive experience in supervisory matters, including marginability and risk assessment. As a Director of a brokerage firm I was involved in the creation and implementation of a wide variety of investment products and services offered by our investment executives as well as creating and setting policy in a range of areas. I have also been the Chief Fixed Income Strategist for several firms, hosted national conferences, and appeared widely in the press as well as radio and television. I often spoke at seminars on portfolio strategy and asset allocation at many branch offices attended by the public and taught many courses on economics and fixed income securities at two academic institutions. I have been. and am currently, a member of the CFA Society New York (formerly NYSSA), the CFA Institute, and Life member of the Fixed Income Analysts Society, Inc. for several decades.

I have been an arbitrator for FINRA since 1996 and served with other organizations that have merged into FINRA, namely the NYSE and ASE.

I graduated with an A.B. degree in Economics from Brown University.