Adam Margolin

Managing Partner, Structured Finance Solutions, LLC
1127 Auraria Parkway, Suite 402B
Denver, Co 80204

Work: 303-520-5775

Structured Finance, Mortgaged-Backed Securities, MBS, Commercial Mortgaged-Backed Securities, CMBS, Residential Mortgaged-Backed Securities, RMBS, Real Estate Finance, Commercial Mortgage Finance, Asset Backed Securities, ABS, Structured Finance Solutions, LLC, Chapter 11, Real Estate Capital Markets, "Till Opinion", Chapter 11 Appropriate Interest Rate and Plan Feasibility Opinion

I am the founder and managing partner of SFS, which assists institutional clients with specialized support in the structured finance and real estate capital markets. I have more than 25 years of experience with structured finance products such as Residential Mortgage-backed Securities (“RMBS”), Commercial Mortgaged-backed Securities (“CMBS”) and Asset-backed Securities (“ABS”). Throughout my career, I have held positions in which I was responsible for structuring and managing capital markets, structured finance products and private placements. My executive level experience includes evaluating and underwriting structured fixed income instruments and mortgage loans from a borrower's perspective as well as lending, loan underwriting and pricing. Some highlights include: • Held executive positions in which I was intimately involved in evaluating and pricing risk with respect to RMBS, CMBS, ABS, asset receivables and real estate transactions. Companies included: Commercial Capital Corporation, a specialty finance company and private lender. Sonnenblick-Goldman is a national real estate oriented investment bank. Commercial Assets, Inc., a publicly traded, real estate investment trust that acquired interests in RMBS and CMBS. Boettcher & Company, a nationally recognized, regional investment bank where my responsibilities included underwriting, rating and pricing of RMBS, CMBS and structured finance products. • Testified as an Expert Witness on Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities in FINRA arbitration (2014). • Qualified as an Expert Witness on Securities in U.S. Federal Court in the 10th District. • Qualified as an Expert Witness on Residential Mortgage Finance in U.S. Federal Court in the 10th District. • Served as an Expert Witness on Interest Rates and Plan Feasibility in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the 2nd and 10th Districts. I am familiar with the determination of appropriate interest rates and the feasibility of plans of reorganization in Chapter 11 bankruptcy