Damiano Colnago

Managing Partner, SEDA Experts, LLC
Work: +1-917-745-3705

Structured Finance, CDOs, CLOs, Collateral Administration, Trustee and Custody services, Derivatives, Banking operations, damage analysis, fixed income, syndicated loans.

Damiano Colnago is a senior finance professional specialized in complex structured credit products with a particular focus on securities operations and reconciliation, custody and trustee services, collateral and fund administration. Passionate about Blockchain technologies in Capital Markets.

His expertise includes cash, synthetic and hybrid collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), fund of funds, OTC derivatives (including CDS, IRS, FX swaps and forward contracts), asset-backed securities (ABS), mortgage-backed securities (MBS), and syndicated loans.

Mr. Colnago gained his extensive industry experience holding senior positions in the United States and Europe, building and successfully maintaining relationships with various entities, such as asset managers, underwriters, paying agents, rating agencies, auditors, and custodians.

Mr. Colnago has provided his expertise as a consulting expert in a wide variety of high-stake disputes and consulting engagements, determining causation, liability and damages, in relation to alleged negligence, misrepresentation, and fraud for global financial institutions, top tier banks, regulators, large sovereign funds, hedge funds, and other institutions.

His business consulting experience also includes damage calculations related to financial instruments, misappropriation, products mislabeling, as a result of breach-of-contract and commercial disputes, applying different methodologies such as DCF, comparable and event study analysis, as well as lost profits, and disgorgement analysis.

Mr. Colnago previously worked for Wilmington Trust, who acted as trustee, custodian and collateral administrator in the structured finance industry. In his role, Mr. Colnago led his risk and compliance team, which was responsible to perform collateral administration and portfolio analysis for complex structured credit products for a total amount of approximately $7.0Billion.

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