Daniel I MacIntyre  

Of Counsel, Parker MacIntyre
2987 Clairmont Road, Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30329

Work: 770-551-2747
Cell: 770-551-2747

I have practiced securities law from all angles and have a holistic understanding of the entire field. I would be a particularly appropriate expert for a case in which a judge, jury or arbitrator needs to be presented with a broad overview of the securities law and how and why it applies to this particular case.

I have been actively involved in the practice of securities law since 1974. I have represented the Georgia Securities Commissioner. I have represented plaintiffs and defendants in securities litigation. I have represented brokers, investment advisors, representatives and customers in securities arbitrations and mediations. I have represented issuers in numerous private placements of securities. I have represented purchsers and issuers of securities in negotiations and transactions, including mergers and acquisitions.

In my practice as an attorney,I assist investors in recovering losses caused by wrongful actions of their stockbrokers and investment advisors, and I defend Brokers, Investment Advisors and Representatives falsely accused of wrongdoing. I assist clients in the creation, acquisition, merger, reorganization and sale of businesses and business entities and in private placements of securities. I assist securities industry clients such as Broker/Dealers and Registered Investment Advisors in legal and regulatory matters.

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