The Expert's Examiner

September 4, 2020

This is a year of transformation. A number of SER Committees have been tweaked and a new Committee added, a recap of those changes is below. (And, check out the helpful hint at the bottom.)

Webcast Committee

This committee was formed to fill in some of the gaps left by the cancellation of our annual conference due to COVID-19.  Under its Chair Elizabeth Falk they have conceived, produced and delivered several Webcasts to keep members updated on regulatory and professional needs that are timely.  Personally, I’ve seen Webcasts from a few major law firms and regulatory agencies of a much lesser caliber than those that have been produced under this Committee. To catch up on watch these Webcasts please sign into your account and select the “View Library & Webcasts” button.

Mentorship and Practice Management Committee (MPMC)

The MPMC, chaired by Bob Lawson, has adopted a new program to provide you with assistance for your questions on practice management issues (marketing, billing, ethics, retainer agreements, errors & omissions insurance; anything that relates to launching, operating, or maintaining a successful practice. Sign in then select “Submit a Question”.

The SER Legal Clinic Committee (“LCC”)

The LCC is updating its law clinic records and seeking guidance on approaching law school clinics. Law Clinics are operating under financial constraints and often our members participate pro bono. Do our members wish to continue to be individually involved volunteering their services (speaking engagements and expert participation in their cases)? And, do you feel it’s important for SER to be actively supporting these engagements? If you have comments or wish to participate please contact the Committee Chair, Peter Bulger.

The Public Relations Committee

This Committee is responsible for publishing "The Expert’s Examiner", as well as using other media, such as LinkedIn, to accomplish its mission. Ideas are always welcome for ways to increase the professional status of our organization and its membership. Please send any comments to Patti Koetting, Chair. 

The Website Committee

Before we go any further, a hint: THE MEMBERS LIST accessible from our HOME PAGE is an ADDRESS BOOK!  So many members don’t realize this; you don’t even need to sign in.

We are hoping to give our website a minor facelift.  Any comments, suggestions or errors on our Website, please send a note to me, GG Genco, through our website or directly to