The Expert's Examiner

April 8, 2019

The committees of The Securities Expert Roundtable are hard at work to continually enhance the value of membership. We are pleased to report the following:

Communications/Web Committee, Chaired by Rick Ryder, is responsible for designing changes to the SER Website, and implementing those changes. Recent accomplishments include adding functionality to the Member WebPages, allowing members to readily view their status with respect to dues payments and Conference registration. The committee also reorganized the Library, to make it more appealing and navigable and revamping it from archive status to be a more vibrant, regularly-changing center for news items of interest. We encourage you to check out the SER Newsroom, which regularly posts articles from SER members and also disseminates to our LinkedIn Page. All members are encouraged to contribute ideas for further Website changes, supply resource materials to the Library, and tell us about newsworthy items for the SER Newsroom. 
Committee Members: Geraldine Genco, Bob Lawson, Charles Ranson

The Finance Committee’s mission, Chaired by Elizabeth Falk, is to develop SER annual budgets; oversee and implement the raising and investment of funds to finance the organization and activities for the benefit of its participants; implement and oversee expenditures; maintain financial controls. The committee is pleased to report that SER is in sound financial condition with no debt and adequate liquidity to conduct our current level of operations.
Committee Members: David Keogh, Patricia Koetting, Craig Murray, Ross Tulman, Gordon Yale

The Membership Committee, Chaired by Craig Murray, is responsible for reviewing the qualifications of prospective members and processing applications for committee and board approval. Members are encouraged to identify prospective members and enlighten them with regards to the benefits of membership. The committee is pleased to report the following new members thus far in 2019 (in the order they joined): 
Scott Moore, Ross Delston, Damiano Colnago
Committee Members: Alan Besnoff, Jerry DeNigris, David Keogh

The Nominating Committee’s duty, Chaired by Paul Carroll, is to identify and recruit qualified and interested members to serve as officers and directors of SER. The committee has submitted Ross Tulman, Jack Hermann and Bob Graham to serve on the board and Elizabeth Falk as President-elect to be voted on at the annual meeting. The current President-Elect, David Keogh, will take office as SER President at the annual meeting in St. Paul. The next Nominating Committee (3 board members) will be appointed by the board at the meeting as well. The Secretary and Treasurer of the organization are appointed by the board.
Committee Members: Alan Besnoff, Patricia Koetting

The Public Relations Committee, Co-Chaired by David Keogh and Carrie Wisniewski, is tasked with raising the awareness of SER as an organization. The committee, working in coordination with the Communications/Web Committee, is pleased to announce the creation of the SER Expert's Examiner, a newsletter to be published quarterly.
Committee Members: Jerry DeNigris, Elizabeth Falk, Craig Murray