Audit Committee Jerry DeNigris (Chair)
Colleen Diles

Mission: To annually perform an internal audit of SER financial bookkeeping.

Bar Associations Charles Bennett (Chair)
Rob Spawn

Mission: To foster relationships between SER members and Bar Associations.

Conference (Agenda) Committee Robert E Graham (Chair)
David Conrad Hinman
James A Kyprios
Jeffery E. Schaff
Rob Spawn

Mission: To plan the agenda for the Annual Conference presenting professional education programs with a combination of member and prominent outside speakers.

Finance Committee Charles W. Ranson (Chair)
Alan J Besnoff
Paul Carroll
Robert E Graham
Patricia Koetting

Mission: To develop SER annual budgets; oversee and implement the raising and investment of funds to finance the organization and activities for the benefit of its participants; implement and oversee expenditures; maintain financial controls.

Legal Clinics Peter Bulger (Chair)
Kerry Campbell

Mission: To foster relationships with Securities Law Clinics across the country in order to provide pro-bono expert work and to share expertise with students.

Membership & Mentorship Committee Paul Carroll (Chair)
Patrick M. Dennis
Marty Dirks
David Conrad Hinman
Jim Reilly
Thomas Taliaferro

Mission: To actively seek and recruit new members that qualify for membership and will benefit from SER as well as contribute to the organization, and to mentor new members as they come onboard. 

Nominating Committee Paul Carroll (Chair)
Jack Herrmann
Richard Leisner

Mission: To identify and recruit qualified and interested members to serve as officers and directors of SER.

Practice Management Committee Robert D. Lawson (Chair)
Patrick M. Dennis
Mason Alan Dinehart III
Jack Herrmann
Keith Loveland

Mission: To provide opportunities for new and existing members to connect with experienced Experts throughout the year on practice management tips that relate to operating a successful securities litigation support practice.

Public Relations Committee Patricia Koetting (Chair)
Jerry DeNigris
George H. Friedman
Geraldine Genco Dube
Hollie M. Mason
Rob Spawn

Mission: Raising the awareness of SER as an organization.

Web Site Committee (Dormant)

Mission: To enhance communication among members, as well as outside the group by maintaining and designing changes to the SER Website

Webcast Committee Elizabeth Falk (Chair)
Andrew G. Auslander
Patricia Koetting
Robert D. Lawson
Charles W. Ranson

Mission: To produce Webinar events for members with timely content including member and guest speakers as well as a Q&A session.