How to Become a Member

Securities Experts Roundtable — Membership Criteria & Benefits

If you would like more information on Membership, please send us a message and a member of our Membership Committee will reach out to you!

What are the benefits of being a Member?
  • An invitation to, and the ability to participate in SER conferences and webcasts;
  • Access to all materials provided at conferences;
  • Access to SER password protected Library resources (articles, webcasts);
  • The ability to contribute content to SER website;
  • Post personal contact information, expertise and resume/c.v.;
  • Post a link to your website and LinkedIn page;
  • Benefits provided by Securities Arbitration Commentator, Inc.
Who may become a member? To qualify for Voting (VM) or Associate Membership (AM) individuals must:
  • Be nominated and seconded by two current Voting Members (see list of members);
  • Submit a copy of their curriculum vitae;
  • Have had 20 engagements as an Expert in securities dispute resolution or such experience, skill, or other qualifications so that you may be able to contribute to the organization. (AM are exempt from meeting the requirement of 20 engagements.)

Are there any obligations of membership?

  • All members must agree to accept official corporate notices via email and pay dues on a timely basis. (Current Annual Dues: $700)
  • All members are expected to adhere to SER's Best Ethical Practices for Experts.
What is the difference between a Voting and Associate Members? Only Voting Members have the ability to:
  • Vote for the Board of Directors and President-Elect;
  • Chair Committees and serve on the Board of Directors;
  • Serve as an Officer.
How do you move from Associate to Voting Member?
  • Obtain 20 engagements as an expert in dispute resolution;
  • Obtain 10 engagements as an expert in dispute resolution AND attend two  SER conferences;
  • Attend three SER conferences within four years.
Do I have to post my contact information or my curriculum vitae on SER's website? We require that both accompany your membership application, however you have the option to keep your name and information off the public website. However, your contact information will be available to other SER Members.
How do I apply? Fill out this form: Apply for Membership