A Sample of Our Experts
Sidney D. Krasner
Principal, SD Krasner Associates

I manage litigation support services with a concentration in securities and commodities brokerage. My focus is supervision, compliance, suitability,...

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Hollie M. Mason
Senior Consultant, The Brattle Group

–Broker-dealer Custom and Practice – Financial Services Risk Management – Trading and Markets – Market manipulation and disruptive trading ...

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James M Garber
Expert Witness, Barrington Financial Consulting

Qualified Retirement Plans ​ 401k Plan Management DOL & IRS Rules / Regulations Excessive Fees Determination Mutual Fund Selection & Monitoring...

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Mason Alan Dinehart III, RFC
Owner and founder, FEND - Financial Education Network Development

Mr. Dinehart is a FINRA Arbitrator and iss the designated securities esxpert witness for the CA state Bar. He is an expert with nearly 4 decades...

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Gerald A. Guild
Guild Associates

Fixed Income:Corporate Bonds, Convertibles, High Yield or "Junk", Treasurys, STRIPS, Mortgage Backed securities including CMOs, Preferred Stocks,...

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William Fender, CPA, J.D., MBA, AIFA, RF
Principal, Senior Investment Consultant, Innovest Portfolio Solutions LLC

Expert testimony, Expert reports, Litigation, Arbitration, FINRA, Defendant, Plaintiff, Damage calculations, Uniform Prudent Investor Act, Restatement...

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Marty Dirks
Consultant and Expert Witness, Investment Strategy & Analysis

130/30, 401(k), Accounting Fraud, Aggressive Accounting, Appraisal Rights, Arbitrage, Asset Management, Bonds, Business Valuation, Damages, Defined...

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Adam Margolin
Managing Partner, Structured Finance Solutions, LLC

Structured Finance, Mortgaged-Backed Securities, MBS, Commercial Mortgaged-Backed Securities, CMBS, Residential Mortgaged-Backed Securities,...

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SER provides continuing professional education and promotes ethics and integrity among its members while remaining dispute neutral as an organization.


The Expert's Examiner (SER's Newsletter)

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The Securities Experts Roundtable (SER) is a group of professionals with significant experience as testifying and consulting experts in securities, business and investment-related litigation.  SER began as a 1992 gathering of eight experts who knew each other and found sharing their experiences and expertise beneficial.  Early meetings set the stage for our annual member conference.  Today SER conducts its business exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c) (6) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Members span the United States and have solid academic credentials and career accomplishments in accounting; asset/wealth management; business leadership and corporate governance; investment banking; corporate finance and capital markets; securities law; securities sales, trading and research and academe.

SER encourages its members to adopt SER Best Practices of ethics and integrity, and its motto - "Seek and Speak the Truth" - is our behavioral touchstone. An annual summer member conference, a dedicated web site and ongoing member networking are the primary tools SER employs to maintain its premier position in the expert witness field.


SER's two-day annual summer member conference (also open to engaging attorneys) presents professional education programs with prominent outside speakers and evening social events offering camaraderie and networking opportunities.

Members provide services individually and not under SER's umbrella. Their services include expert testimonial work in federal and state courts, arbitration and mediation forums (e.g., AAA, FINRA and JAMS) and SEC proceedings; production of formal expert reports and non-testimonial expert consulting.

SER encourages member pro bono participation in Securities Arbitration Clinics (several of which have a law school affiliation) through teaching, consulting, and expert testimonial services. Members also support the securities dispute resolution process by attending relevant conferences and meetings and by serving on relevant committees of organizations involved in securities dispute resolution.


SER has a demonstrated history of leadership in securities arbitration. In 2004 a founding member co-authored work on sequestration of experts at hearings which led to revision of the opening script. Over the years, SER identifies instances in which they can collectively improve the securities dispute resolution process. See links here:

Use the profile details on our "Find an Expert" search page to contact a member directly.


The Securities Experts' Roundtable provides a password protected directory on this website for each member who wishes to provide contact information and a business profile. Individual SER members are responsible for all information contained on their personal profile. Some members have chosen to provide links to websites not maintained by SER. SER does not endorse any web sites, their sponsors, or any of the policies, activities, products, or services offered on the site or by any advertiser on the site.

Securities Experts' Roundtable, Inc. is a Professional Business League 501(c)6 non-profit corporation.

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