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Update - February 2017
March 1, 2017

President's Perspective

One of the most enjoyable parts of being SER’s President is listening to members share anecdotes of how SER benefits them. These discussions fall into many categories, including how SER membership helped to bring them new engagements. These most often come directly as referrals from other members. Other times, they are the result of members posting e-mails to the membership. Since taking the gavel as SER President last summer, I have seen more than 25 cases announced in this fashion. I follow up with those who circulate cases, and consistently note positive feedback both for the member posting the case and the members who throw their hats in the ring. Two of the most active members in this regard offer their perspectives:

“As you know, I think the ability to cross-refer among SER members is a tremendous benefit. The ability to address the entire membership so easily really lends itself to this type of activity. I have obtained at least one engagement as a result of this activity. I am not certain of engagements that others may have obtained as a result of my postings, but I do know that on several occasions responses from my postings have been provided to retaining attorneys. I like being able to provide value to attorneys, even if I am not the most suitable expert, by providing referrals to an expert who may be the right match. Attorneys seem to appreciate that even though I will not be their expert, that I am willing to attempt to assist them in their search. This process seems to be one in which everyone benefits.”  (Alan Besnoff)

“I wanted to take a moment and personally thank all of you who responded back to me last week about the need for an Expert at the last minute. I probably received emails from about seven of you that were interested in working on this case even at the last minute and your timely responses were greatly appreciated. I promptly sent off each of your respective CV’s to the attorney and he was shocked to see how many highly qualified candidates that I presented to him and he couldn't thank me enough. I told him to keep me on his “short list” for his next case and I am sure he will. For the lucky Expert that was retained, and the name will not be revealed, he too was immensely grateful. This was truly a win-win-win scenario for all of us. There will undoubtedly be times for all of us where there is a potential or actual conflict of interest with the respective parties or our scheduling just doesn't permit us to take on a case, or our expertise or knowledge is marginal at best for a particular case. With that said, I see tremendous value in reaching out to my fellow SER members via a group email, such as the one I posted last week, which was my first.”  (Bob Lawson)

The Securities Experts Roundtable is not a listing organization.  That is not what we are about.   Nonetheless, it is gratifying to see members work with one another for mutual benefit and I laud all those who have circulated case announcements to the membership.

Respectfully, Jeffery Schaff, President


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