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Update - January 2017
February 2, 2017

President's Perspective

Last month’s survey generated great feedback. I thank everyone who participated. I recognize that surveys can seem to be a useless distraction in one’s day, but the information is appreciated and put to good use.  When the SER Board of Directors met this month, we reviewed the survey results and referenced its contents in numerous committee reports and Board votes.

In the collective experience of our Board, supported by the survey results, our annual conference is the greatest source of benefit for SER members. At our conferences, attendees learn ways to improve their expert skills and garner valuable practice management tips. Equally valuable, attendance allows our members to enjoy the benefits of camaraderie and networking. Attendance is an investment in one’s expert business, an investment with far more reliable returns than any portfolio could provide.  After discussing the topic with many members, I can assure all that more cases are referred directly between our members than by membership-wide postings through e-mail.  It is a great group to know, share with and learn from.  In order to encourage first-time attendance, the Board has authorized a $100 conference credit to all members attending an SER annual conference for the first time.

The Board also recognizes that arbitration case filings have fallen dramatically over recent years. This makes it more difficult for Associate Members to cross the twenty-retention threshold to achieve Voting Member status. Therefore, the Board authorized a new path for Associate Members to become full Voting Members. In consideration of the fact that the SER annual conference provides expert education, Associate Members who attend three annual SER conferences over a four-year span will be promoted to Voting Member.

Our Board also focused its attention on our website. Our website receives considerable traffic, with 11,462 visitors last year. Based on member feedback, I am confident that our website succeeds in helping our members improve their visibility with the professionals who retain our services. The website is also useful as a resource for our members. In addition to being the place that members pay their dues and register for the annual conference, we have a robust and growing library of resources. If you have not yet visited our newly remodeled library recently, please log in and see the improvements. We will soon be soliciting additional content, and ask that you consider documents that you have to contribute. Our Board is also currently updating the home page, including the addition of a mission statement. Visit to track our progress.

Respectfully, Jeffery Schaff, President



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