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Update - September 2016
September 26, 2016

The President's Perspective

As is likely true for each of our members, I have been to many industry conferences over the years. Despite the best efforts of the organizers of those conferences, though, my experiences at those conferences were defined more by the people in attendance than the choice of venue, the menu or the programming. SER is very good at delivering extraordinary conferences. But what did our attendees value the most this year? We sent out a survey to the membership last month, primarily on the topic of the 2016 Annual Conference.  Here are the results:

1.      Did you attend this year’s Annual Conference?  81% Yes

2.      Overall, how would you rate the event?  100% Excellent or Very Good

3.      How helpful was the content presented at the event?  88% Extremely or Very

4.      Do you think the event was too long, too short or about right?  100% About right

5.      How would you rate the value for the money of the event?  88% Extremely or Very

6.      In terms of your career development, how valuable were the networking opportunities at the event?   
         53% Extremely or Very

7.      How likely are you to attend the Annual Conference again in the future?   76% Extremely or Very

8.      (A) For those who attended our annual conference: What was the greatest value to you? 
              Top 3 Answers: networking/camaraderie; learning/presentations; testifying contest

          (B) For those who did not attend our annual conference: What was the reason for not attending?   
               Top 2 Answers:  scheduling conflict; health issue

9.       What is your greatest overall reason for SER membership? 
          Top 3 Answers: networking; improve skills as an expert; learning about industry issues

10.     What topics or speakers would you like to have for the 2017 SER Annual Conference? 
          Top 3 Answers:  2d Annual Testifying Contest; expert issues; presentations from regulators

Overall, it appears that members value their time with other members more than any other aspect of our annual conference. These bonds do not end when we head to the airport to return to our daily lives.  Since the conference, I have seen ample evidence of networking in action. Many members have e-mailed the membership with cases that they are helping attorneys find the right experts for. We received a wonderful response to the newer member looking for sample engagement agreements. And I have noted many other examples of our members connecting and sharing with other members. We may oppose each other at times in the hearing room, but our camaraderie and supportive professionalism define who we are as an organization. 

Many thanks to everyone who responded to the post-conference survey.   

Respectfully, Jeffery Schaff, President


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