Gordon Yale

Yale Forensics
3773 Cherry Creek Drive North, Suite 575
Denver, Co 80209

Work: 303 331-6461

Due diligence, Ponzi schemes, adequacy of disclosure, fraudulent financial reporting, professional negligence, damages real estate investments, non-traded REITs,bonds, tax-exempt bonds, debt securities, equity, TICs, Regulation D and private placements, Medical Capital, Provident Royalties, IMH Fund, Hennessey Monthly Income Fund, Meridian Fund, NNN TICS, DBSI TICs, Geneva TICs

Gordon Yale is a CPA, CFF and CFE. Mr. Yale is the principal of Yale, LLC, a Denver-based forensic accounting and financial consulting firm specializing in due diligence and securities fraud as well as president of Yale Group, Inc., a boutique investment bank. Mr. Yale, a former securities analyst, has served as a special investigative consultant to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the states of Colorado, Florida and Hawaii, and as an expert for both plaintiffs and defendants in many civil matters in Federal and state courts as well as FINRA and AAA arbitrations on behalf of institutional and other clients. Mr. Yale has provided expert consulting or testimony in matters involving Bear Stearns, Angelo Mozilo, a Madoff feeder fund and six other Ponzi schemes. Mr. Yale has extensive experience analyzing debt (including tax-exempt debt) and equity securities. Mr. Yale has written about extensively about securitizations, accounting issues and various frauds, including Enron, Silverado Savings and Loan, Countrywide Financial, Bear Stearns and others for a variety of professional and other publications.