Mark Conner

Principal, CTIC LLC
2 Middleton Court
Baltimore, MD 21212

Work: 4102189104

Securities origination and secondary-market trading, Capital markets, Fixed income, Equity securities, Initial Public Offerings, Municipal Finance, Corporate debt financing, Broker duties and obligations to customers, Securities valuation and damages analysis, MSRB and FINRA Rules, Gain/(loss) accounting for debt instruments

Mark Conner has supported over 300 securities arbitration matters, multiple court actions, and has furnished audited securities valuation services to numerous attorneys and investors. He has testified in 58 FINRA arbitrations, primarily supporting claims related to Auction Rate Securities, Corporate bonds, IPOs, equity transactions, mutual funds, CMOs and other asset-backed securities, and in the subject area of corporate cash investment. His work as an expert is preceded by 25 years of experience working directly in the capital markets, serving both institutional and retail clients.