Andrea J Wagner

ARC Analytics, LLC

Work: 561 372-9525
Cell: 561-289-7760

Damages, Account Analysis, Trading Analysis, NOP, Margin, Asset Allocation, Profit and Loss.

ARC provides investment account analysis detailing various aspects of account activity including profit and loss, trading performance, asset allocation, margin ratio, NOP, turnover, cost to equity, benchmark performance, damages and more.

Our software easily accommodates customized report requests. We perform historical research and analysis of stocks, bonds and other investments.

Actively involved in the financial industry since the early 1980?s. Former Executive Vice President; Executive Management Committee Member, Director of Compliance, Member Risk Management Committee and Research Analyst Committee, Compliance Registered Options Principal for South Florida affiliated NASD and NYSE broker dealers as well as an Allied Member of the NYSE 1994 to 2001.

Andrea Joyce Wagner